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The Effect of Snowpack and Connectivity of on Pikas

Summary: This engaging, interactive classroom activity helps students understand how snow pack, climate change and habitat connectivity can impact the American pika.



* Lesson plans are available in .doc format for easy customization. This lesson includes 3 sections for easy download. Please contact us with any questions or problems.

Colorado Standards Addressed:


Grade 6:     

2.1.Changes in environmental conditions can affect the survival of individual organisms, populations, and entire species

Grade 8:            

 2.1.Human activities can deliberately or inadvertently alter ecosystems and their resiliency

3.2. Earth has a variety of climates defined by average temperature, precipitation, humidity, air pressure, and wind that have changed over time in a particular location.

High School                       

2.2.The size and persistence of populations depend on their interactions with each other and on the abiotic factors in an ecosystem.

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