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At this moment scientists are busy conducting exciting and intense field research around the world in attempts to answer the mysteries of the natural world. Unfortunately this work goes largely unnoticed by the public and is often misunderstood. Novel methods for science outreach must address these concerns and further develop resources for scientists, teachers, and students.  It is ScienceLIVE’s mission to act as this bridge between scientists and students through video-based lesson plans designed to create a stronger relationship between science and the community. 



Peter L. Erb established ScienceLIVE in 2010 following his MA degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. The development of ScienceLIVE spawned from years of observations working on research projects around the world and is a personal response to these observations. Through film and web development, Peter responds to the need for novel science outreach and a greater connection between humans and the natural world. 

Dr. Liesl P. Erb is a Professor of Conservation Biology in the Department of Biology and Department of Environmental Sciences at Warren Wilson College. She obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado at Boulder for her work on the impacts of climate and vegetation change on the American pika (Ochotona princeps). Liesl is passionate about science education at all ages, from kindergarten to college to life-long learning. In addition to her adventures in the college classroom, she contributes to science education through the creation of lesson plans for ScienceLIVE, focusing on data-driven curriculum resources for K-12 classrooms.

The Biological Sciences Initiative (BSI), a program of the University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB), envisions scientific literacy among all citizens, increasing their understanding of the relevance of science to their lives and empowering them to make informed health, environmental and political choices. To promote diversity and inclusiveness in the sciences and scientific literacy, BSI provides research, classroom, and professional development experiences to those interested in the biosciences at all levels, while particularly serving those with limited opportunities and/or from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences.

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