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Pikas and their Environment: Predicting Where They Live

Summary: In this web-based lesson, students collect general information about the American pika, develop hypotheses and predictions about what limits where pikas live, and then use real scientists’ data to test their hypotheses and graph their results.


* Lesson plans are available in .doc format for easy customization. This lesson includes 4 sections for easy download. Please contact us with any questions or problems.


Colorado Standards Addressed:


Grade 6:     

2.1.Changes in environmental conditions can affect the survival of individual organisms, populations, and entire species


Grade 8:            

 2.1.Human activities can deliberately or inadvertently alter ecosystems and their resiliency

3.2. Earth has a variety of climates defined by average temperature, precipitation, humidity, air pressure, and wind that have changed over time in a particular location.

High School                       

2.2.The size and persistence of populations depend on their interactions with each other and on the abiotic factors in an ecosystem.

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