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Camera Trapping 


Christian Nunes is a Wildlife Ecology Technician at the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department. His work focuses on recreation ecology and the monitoring of sensitive wildlife on 45,000 acres of protected prairies, forests, and agrarian habitats around the city of Boulder. He has utilized camera traps to assess the use of highway underpasses by wildlife, to monitor areas of future trail development, and to validate Habitat Suitability Models for black bears, wild turkey, and Abert’s Squirrels.

Dr. Liesl P. Erb is a Professor of Conservation Biology in the Department of Biology and Department of Environmental Sciences at Warren Wilson College. Her broad research interests are in how humans impact wildlife through changes in land use and climate change. Her current research focuses on the impacts of climate change on pikas in the southern Rocky Mountains. Her field sites range from Santa Fe, NM to Laramie, WY and span the entire Colorado Rockies.

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