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Bring real research to the classroom through: 

  • Videos linked to lesson plans that showcase researchers' steps through the scientific method.

  • Give your students the chance to analyze real data.

Featured Projects & Lesson Plans:



Grade 4-8: Food webs, species interactions

Grade 6-12: Population ecology, scientific method, real data

analysis body size and adaptation

Museum Collections

College:  Plant ranges and distribution,GIS, ARCTOS data analysis, natural selection, geographic variation, island biogeography, phylogenetics, and more!


Grade 3-8: Pollination, plant anatomy

Grade 6-12: Phenology, scientific method, real data analysis, natural selection, adaptation, environmental change, biodiversity

Alpine Hydrology

Grade K-8: Glaciers, geologic change

Grade 6-12: Nitrogen cycle, role of nitrogen in living things

Chickadee Hybridization

Grade 6-12: Hybridization, species barrier breakdown, E-bird species distributions

Camera Trapping

Grade 6-8: Understanding data​, species richness, life history traits, niches,

human impacts, real data analysis, species interactions, adaptation

Grade 6-12: Inquiry based, scientific method.

Burying Beetles


College: How species interact with their habitat, population dynamics, and energy transfer

Mtn. Pine Beetles

Grade 6-12: Tree anatomy, predator-

prey interactions, pheromones



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